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Firstly, At CANIK TP9 Pistols, we conduct our business in accordance. Secondly, with our vision and mission We will continue being in line with the following ethical and moral guidelines: Firstly, We are a business which, in the first place develops and manufactures. Secondly, handguns that are used by police and military. Thirdly, we're aware that lives and the ability to carry out missions .Further, successfully to ensure the security of our nation and public . Moreover, order can be based upon our firearms. Firstly, So we design and manufacture our guns according to the highest standards. Secondly, in order that they are able to work in even the most difficult situations.

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Firstly, Integrity: Since the confidence of our customers in our products is our top priority when we launch our guns. Secondly, accessories, and other products to the market. Thirdly,  We ensure that they’ll always work exactly as advertised. Further, If there are instances where our products or services fail to meet our clients’ expectations. Moreover,  we will take the required steps in accordance with our obligations to protect the trust of our company.

Firstly, Usability The designs of our products and manufacturing materials are a reflection of our latest technologies and techniques. Secondly, However, we will not allow technological advancements to create products that are so complex that they become difficult to maintain and use. Thirdly, We’ll always employ most advanced techniques and technology to create handguns that are user-friendly and reliable.

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First time purchasing a canik online. Process was simple and the gun was delivered on time and as described. I will definitely consider using canikpistols again.
Evelyne Sommer
Very happy with my purchase and the canikpistols experience. Will not hesitate to participate again, and probably soon!
Richard Lambert
Excellent service, Awesome item, Sweet price, and fast shipping with tracking. Easy, fast checkout process. Thank you!
Jasper Felix
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