Who Are We

To end up a surely international brand. To show that our business enterprise is ready a lot extra than the producer of the best pistols.

Our History

History Canik Pistols

Based close to the mountain bearing its call, a call in historical instances that intended an area of protection, Canik has been a massive participant withinside the aerospace protection enterprise for two decades and 2019 marks its tenth 12 months as a world-main firearm manufacturer. The organization's aerospace production knowledge caused partnerships with Lockheed Martin, Airbus and Boeing, which in flip enabled the improvement of a excessive high-satisfactory polymer pistol and the start of the TP collection and adoption through Turkish Law Enforcement. In 2012 Canik partnered with Century Arms to introduce Canik TP pistols to the U.S. market. The organization has speedy risen to the vanguard of firearm conversations, consisting of being named the 2018 Editor's Choice for Versatile/Value Pistol through Ballistic Magazine. The pursuit of excellence maintains in 2019 with the brand new TP9 Elite Combat that comes wellknown with overall performance improvements through Salient Arms International. Shoot a Canik and enjoy proper handgun superiority.

Our Vision

Vision Canik Pistols

To end up a surely international brand. To show that our business enterprise is ready a lot extra than the producer of the satisfactory pistols, and that it's also an modern and a success participant withinside the guns marketplace way to our new merchandise withinside the uppermost phase of small fingers and the ground-breaking answers that we're growing with the aid of using drawing upon data technologies. To be geared up for global collaborations to provide today's medium-quality automated cannon systems. To manipulate the production, sale, and advertising and marketing of our merchandise in dozens of nations on 4 continents. Under the Canik Academy, to provide complete education applications tailor-made to the desires of personal and public clients at Canik Academy. To construct the community and to hire the staff vital and succesful to expand the goods and offerings that our overseas clients would possibly demand. To end up one of the pinnacle 3 businesses withinside the business.

Our Policy

You can rely on us.

Ethical Values Integrity, HONESTY, AND TRANSPARENCY Our company adheres to the ideals of honesty, integrity and transparency in all of its actions and in all of its key areas The focus of our business strives to make positive effects on the customers we serve through our actions by anticipating the requirements of our clients. The company also strives to improve customer satisfaction by maintaining our delivery and quality to the highest standard.
EXCELLENCE: Our organization aims to achieve perfection by working in accordance with ethical principles and laws and by working performance-oriented. RESPONSIBILITY The company monitors the economic, social, and environmental impact of its services and products. It is aware that it is accountable for its entire stakeholder base in this regard.

SUSTAINABILITY: Our company recognizes that the demands of our generation today have to be met, without compromising the requirements of the next generation.

Respect: Our company is respectful of the rights and the reputation for its workers, its stakeholders as well as its rivals.

JUSTICE: Our business is committed the right to conduct its workers, shareholders as well as its competitors in a fair manner and to prevent any form of discrimination. QUALITY POLICY Samsun Yurt Savunma Sanayi (SYS) is a defense industry and has committed its efforts to become a global brand around the globe. To accomplish this,

It adopts ethical business practices Integrity, trust, and ethics, It is in compliance with and follows the guidelines of the upcoming Quality Management guidelines, which respects the nature and the society It is aimed at continuous improvement of the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, It is aimed at ensuring the satisfaction of customers and a long-lasting relationship. It pushes employees to the highest level. It regards its suppliers as an integral part within it Quality System, It is aiming to satisfy the needs of its customers on the highest quality and create quality products that are competitive. It hopes to be an international company through constant improvement in its production processes through the involvement of all employees.

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